Looking Good

Gym goers always like to spend as much time in the shower as they do their get fit routines

Keep up your fitness

Can you improve your diet

Especially with at home exercise consider what you consume immediately afterwards

At the gym one machine and approach like hill running can make a big difference in calories consumed

and brush your hair

Lockdown Fitness

in House fitness Safety first is a good reminder

Walking, Cycling, Jogging are potential outdoor activities

Make fitness interesting, you will make yourself bored otherwise

Set yourself challenges

Find out what fitness others are performing and remember to build up your fitness

could use suitable Household items for weights like tins or cans

Send us your home fitness ideas

Fitness Planning

Get the balance of actually doing whats fitness is best for you

I have planned to start at the gym at 6pm in the morning and then not done any fitness at all.

Any diary ideas?

Make your fitness diary or achievement the priority than the exact fitness plan.

“I bought membership planning to attend gym each week”

“I had a sense of achievement”

“Boosted my confidence looking at my diary fitness achivements”